H O M E  T H I S  W E E K  P A R I S H N E W S D I O C E S E  N E W SE V E N T SH I S T O R Y

Volunteer Ministry Opportunities
St. John's Thrift Shop:  Monday & Saturday, 

Volunteers needed to sort donations and 
staff the store during the operating hours 

 Click here to volunteer

Pleasantville Emergency
 Interfaith Food Pantry

Housed at:

 Pleasantville United Methodist Church
                 70 Bedford Road
                 Pleasantville, NY 10570

to volunteer go to: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d4da8a72ba6fb6-interfaith
Jump In!

If you are not already involved, would you care to be a participating partner in the vast variety of work that goes on at St. John’s each week?

Hymn #541, vs 3& 4: 
Come, labor on, Away with gloomy doubts and faithless fear! 
No arm so week but may do service here: by feeblest agents 
may our God fulfill [God’s] righteous will.

Come labor on, Claim the high calling angels cannot share- 
to young and old the Gospel gladness bear: redeem the time; 
its hours too swiftly fly. The night draws nigh.

With the exception of the choir, the opportunities to “Come labor on” listed below are either short term or at most, once a month tasks.

 Please consider joining in the work of St. John’s.

Acolytes, Lectors and Chalice Bearers
This is an opportunity to truly assistant in leading Worship at services. Training for these tasks are available by contacting our Rector, Mother Mary Gregorius, mothermarystjohns@gmail.com

Altar Guild
Ever wonder how all those flowers get on the Altar or how the silver stays so shiny? Join the Altar Guild and they will happily share the trade secrets! Contact: Carol White, carolwhite432@gmail.com 

Buildings & Grounds
Whether it’s property clean up, painting, small repairs or architectural design that captures your imagination, we have a tool with your name on it! Contact: Bill May: billmay923@gmail.com

Enjoy singing? Play an instrument? Come and join our little group, swell the crowd,make a joyful noise and heighten the worship experience of your fellow parishioners.  Contact our Choir Director, Colette Hebert; Colette.hebert@gmail.com

Coffee Hour
Hosting coffee hour at St. John’s is both an easy and rewarding task. Celebrate a special family occasion by sharing the goodness with your parish family. To sign up contact our Parish Administrator Liz Gillespie, office@stjohnspleasantville.com 

Community Garden
Digging in dirt and making things grow more to your liking? Join us in the Pleasantville Community Garden at St. John’s to plant, nurture and harvest fresh, organic vegetables for local Food Pantries. Contact, pvillegarden.org; or see the sign-up genius on our website: www.stjohnspleasantville.org 

Counting Team     
Teams of two meet either after church on Sunday or on Monday or Tuesday morning to count and record donations to St. John’s. contact Lynn Russell at: Lynnbrussell7@gmail.com 

Fundraising takes many forms at St. John’s and to organize and coordinate our events effectively we need a central clearing house to plan the annual timing. We also need this central clearinghouse to approve ideas and events with the Vestry. Contact, Matt Ruvo,

Grant writing
Does researching and writing grants from the comfort of your own home sound more to your liking? Contact, Beth DeVito, bethdevito@hotmail.com 

Hospitality Committee
Do you love a party!? Then this committee is for you! Planning and executing special social events at St. John’s. Contact, Beth DeVito, bethdevito@hotmail.com 

Advertising, event planning, Newsletter editor or web master more your skill? Join Leigh Bowins, leighbowins@gmail.com in developing an overall marketing strategy and plan for SJEC.

Teaching the broad concepts of what the Episcopal Church considers to be Stewardship is a daunting task and takes a variety skill sets. Public speaking, clear concise writing, teaching skills, organization, event planning; which is why we try to build a team to
tackle the task. Contact, Garrick Hoadley, Gshoadley@msn.com 

Sunday School
Our Sunday School is divided into 6 week modules to make teaching a manageable commitment. All adults are invited and encouraged to take a turn teaching our children the Good News of Good in Jesus Christ. The curriculum is straightforward and simple to grasp, please take a turn in the rotation, it is great fun. Contact; Elaina Vietz,

Tech Support
Tech savvy? Boy, can we use your skills! Contact our Parish Administrator, Liz Gillespie, office@stjohnspleasantville.com 

Thrift Shop
Fun, good company and good work, who could ask for more?! Contact Linda Spione, spione@optonline.net or sign-up to work on our web-site; www.stjohnspleasantville.org 

Help people get settled in on Sunday mornings, hand out bulletins, request “Thank you prayers,” welcome newcomers and record their names, ask them to sign the guest book, give directions to the rest rooms, see to it the kids who want them to have the “Junior Papers” and crayons, or soft books if they prefer, most of all, be really friendly and welcoming. Contact: Lynnbrussell7@gmail.com 

The Vestry at St. John’s is the governing board that wrestles with our strategic planning, our finances and our visioning for the future. Vestry seats are an elected office and vestry members serve three year terms. Members may serve two consecutive terms. The Vestry
nominates a slate of candidates, which is presented to the Parish for election at the annual meeting in February. It is hoped that all members of St. John’s will take the opportunity to serve on the Vestry for at least one term during their years as parishioners here. Contact Mother Mary if you have questions or would consider running for Vestry in the future. mothermarystjohns@gmail.com

The chief officers of the Parish serve two year terms in office and may serve two consecutive terms. The Rector’s Warden is the Business Agent for the parish. The Property Warden oversees all matters pertaining to our physical campus and the groups that utilize/rent our space, with the assistance of the Parish Administrator and the Building and Grounds Committee. The vestry nominates individuals for these positions to be voted on by the Parish as a whole at our annual meeting each February. Candidates for wardens must have served on the Vestry in order to be eligible.
Service Helper Schedule--Fall 2017