Stained Glass Window Restoration

Restoration of the “Madonna and Child” Window

-  Restoration performed by SunLites Stained Glass
  114- 24 Rockaway Beach Blvd.
          Rockaway Park, NY    (718-) 634-3397 

-Remove and Restore the Three Main Lancets

-Restore the six upper panels on site without removing them

-Remove existing plexiglas cover and replace with new vented Safety glass cover in new configuration.


Remove the three lancet windows,  each appx 20” x 75” from stone set.
Crate and transport to studio
Test for stability of stained glass paint.
Clean stained glass
Reproduce one badly shattered painted piece in red robe
Bond other cracked pieces including the yellow piece in Bagpipers robe.

Cover yellow piece after bonding, and others with badly chipped paint, with reversible lead “dutch” strip for

Re-solder all fractured solder joints
Remove old support wires (that hold panels to rebars).
Remove all old, dry, loose cement from under lead profiles.
Flatten panels.

Glaze (re-cement) panels on interior and exterior sides with professional stained glass cement (putty) under all
lead profile lips.

Treat leads with lead oil to preserve.
Clean, buff, cure leads and cement.
Attach with the new (tinned) copper support wires in same locations as originals.
Re-install and set with masonry pins and stained glass glazing putty.

Test Paint.
Restore the six (6) upper medallions on site, in-situ.
Clean, remove old cement, re-cement interior and exterior sides.
Buff. Touch up paint interior frame.
Re-glaze panels in stone set on exterior masonry to seal and weatherproof.
Restore rebars in-situ.
Re-set crooked rebars.
Stabilize in stone set with masonry cement as needed.
Sand to metal,
Prime with rust inhibitive metal primer
Paint with satin enamel metal paint
Patch and touch-up paint interior frame as needed.
Remove the exterior protective Plexiglas cover and aluminum frame strips and discard.
Board up openings with plywood
Install new, vented,  ¼” clear, laminated “Safety glass” covers.
Three vertical panels held in two vertical moldings running from base to top
With screened vent slots at top and bottom.
Sides glazed to frame with silicone.

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