October 7, 2018

Now thank we all our God
Blessed Jesus, at thy word
Savior, like a shepherd lead us
God be in my head
Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us

Happy Birthday to Robbin Levy & John Pickens!

Prayer List:
We pray for all those who are in the hospital or home recuperating, especially: Mark Fanning, Emily Paruolo, Blake Rider, Shlomo Teladano, and George Graham. We pray for those who are homebound: Bruce Acheson, John & Lee Williams, Dorothy Dushin, Mildred Canniff, Ronald Acheson, Rose Ruvo, and Howard Flemming. We pray for those struggling with chronic illness, especially: Paul Ruvo, Marilyn Griffin, Helene, Ryan, Jason, Jeff, Cameron, Louise, Francis, Andy, Dick, Kim, Gloria Hoffman, Lanie, Jennifer, Jack Mattson, Serina, Martha, Gerald, Laura, Kara Heutti, Kevin Lange, Keith Kline, Sorcha, Abbot Moffat, Gail O’Leary, and Roberta Bowersox. We pray for the students at El Hogar School, the American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, and for those who have died, and for those inurned in our Columbarium, especially Helen Britton.
Lectionary Readings