Lay Ministry Opportunities

The Ministry of Acolytes
The title ‘Acolyte’ is derived from the Greek word, ‘akolouthos’, meaning server, attendant or follower. The ministry of acolytes has existed nearly as long as there have been priests. In the Anglican/Episcopal church, as well as in the Eastern and Western Orthodox and Catholic churches, acolytes have served at the altar since ancient times. The acolyte’s service is an offering to God.

At St. John's, acolytes serve alongside our clergy in roles that express the liturgy of the Episcopal church. Carrying the processional cross, an acolyte leads the procession into and out of the church. Leading clergy in the gospel procession, one acolyte bears the gospel and two others carry torches, signifying Christ’s light coming into the world as the gospel is read. An acolyte assists the presider at the altar; assists the ushers with offertory plates; prepares for the Eucharist by closing and opening the sanctuary gates. By participating in this ministry, acolytes perform major roles in the worship service.​

Please contact Mother Mary if you are interested in training for this ministry.
Altar Guild
The Altar Guild is responsible for making the church ready for Sunday, weekday and special services such as baptisms, weddings, and funerals. Its members maintain the Church’s liturgical vestments and hangings, care for the altar silver and brass vessels and arrange for the floral displays that beautify the church.​

Please contact Carol White if you would like to join this beautiful ministry.
The primary role of a lector is to proclaim the Word of God from the Holy Scriptures. Lectors assist the priest by reading the First Reading, the Psalm, the Second Reading, and the Prayers of the People.

If you would like to sign up to read, please contact  Sarah Hoadley.
Chalice Bearers
A chalice bearer, or lay eucharistic ministers, is a lay person licensed by the bishop to administer the consecrated elements of the eucharist. Lay eucharistic ministers may be licensed to administer the consecrated bread and wine at any celebration of the eucharist in the absence of a sufficient number of priests and deacons to assist the celebrant. They may also be licensed to go from a Sunday eucharist or other principal celebrations of the eucharist to share the sacrament with members of the congregation who were unable to be present at the celebration because of illness or infirmity. Lay eucharistic ministers may be licensed for either or both ministries. This ministry is understood to be an extraordinary ministry, and is not to take the place of the ministry of priests and deacons concerning the administration of the eucharist. Prior to the current lay ministry canons, specially licensed lay readers administered the chalice at the eucharist and were known as "chalice bearers."

Please contact Mother Mary if you are interested in training for this ministry.
The mission of this ministry is to extend God’s love and welcome to those who enter our doors each Sunday. This important lay ministry is composed of numerous members from a variety of age groups who volunteer their time on a Sunday morning before and after the 9:30 service.  Men and women of the Church may serve as Ushers at all Sunday and special liturgies.

Ushers help people get settled in on Sunday mornings, hand out bulletins, request “Thank You prayers,” welcome newcomers and record their names, asking them to sign the guest book, give directions to the rest room, hand out kids “Junior Papers” and crayons or soft books if they prefer, and most of all, be friendly and welcoming.

If you would like to become an Usher, please contact Lynn Russell.