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Sunday School

The leadership of St. John’s has listened to your needs, wants, and desires for a comprehensive Sunday School Program for your children. At 9:30am, Sunday School begins with song, prayer and Storytelling, utilizing the Godly Play model of manipuble characters and scenery to more fully share the Scripture being presented. The children are a part of the storytelling process. Our Storytellers are Sarah Hoadley, Patricia Conolly, Riley Vavolizza, and Mother Mary+.

Their lessons utilize the flexible Sparkhouse curriculum, with a variety of projects. Currently, all children are in the same classroom. It is our hope that as we grow we will have enough children participating that the need will arise to separate the younger and older children. In this scenario, the younger children, K to 2nd Grade will gather for the Godly Play Storytelling and the 3 to 6 graders will migrate into the Choir Loft, where they will use they own imaginative Storytelling techniques. Children in the older age bracket are encouraged to take their turn in rotation as acolytes.

All the children come into the church for Holy Eucharist with their parents.

We are looking for teachers! Please sign up for a 6-week segment.

On the 2nd Sunday of each month, we celebrate an “Intergenerational Service” with the children, featuring some of the elements of the children’s program. After church on these Sundays, we offer the opportunity for families to share in seasonally-appropriate, hands-on, creative activities during Coffee Hour.
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